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In Regards To… American Horror Story

I love American Horror Story, as many know but what I don’t understand is the admiration for Tate and Violet. Yes, they are the teenagers with the cool, twisted backgrounds that make them seem mysterious and idol-worthy but it’s not something to admire. To simply put it, they don’t have character development or personality, in that matter. I think if you were to idolize a character on AHS it would have to be someone like Lana Winters, for example. In my opinion, she is one of the more underrated characters as opposed to the “I’m dead, wanna go out?” characters that appeal to so many. Lana is a complex character, with so many under layers. In the beginning she is this go-getter reporter who is dedicated and outspoken, we see her turn into this timid, vulnerable psychosis ward patient who is the complete opposite of how she started, in the asylum Lana tries to find a backbone anywhere. We watch as Lana transforms into this arrogant exposer who turns her heartbreaking tragedy into gold, gaining her years and years of fame and fortune. I would choose Lana Winters any day over dead teenagers.

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Want to hear a fairytale? Once upon a time you weren’t such a little bitch

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"A journalist is not only the writer but the reader."
Madison (via onebrokenrecord)
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Meet my new baby mutt, Elliot Stabler, and my fashionable hair middle-part, Stacey.

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"You killed me, that’s what you did 

You cracked me open, unscrewed my lid. 

You said you were my friend, it was a lie. 

You stabbed me and shot me

You left me to die."
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"I’m so tired of everything in this life. I’m tired of giving and expressing. I’m tired of empty emotions. I’m tired of ignoring situations. I’m tired of illuminating screens and “read” signs and no response. I’m tired of dark rooms and dark memories. I’m tired of the grocery store being a block away and the same houses everyday. I’m tired of seeing everyone and having no one. I’m tired of being there and no one being there at all. I’m tired of complaining. I’m tired of my age. I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of you avoiding me. I’m so tired."
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For all of the Sarah Paulson little shits, I made you a thing.


For all of the Sarah Paulson little shits, I made you a thing.

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"I hate you for leaving me. You were my safety blanket, why would you do this to me? Did you give any thought in how I would feel? Is it selfish of me to ask that? I’m sorry."
Nonsense I Wrote to Myself
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Well “officer” if thats even your real name,

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